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Welcome to Strobl's Delicatessen wild salmon

Our real wild salmon grow under natural conditions for life in Canada's free wilderness. This ensures a quality fish of a lifetime, which particularly characterized by firm muscular flesh with intense natural red color and low fat content. Our high-quality nature of our product is finished entirely by hand to make delicious delicacies. Whether cold or mild smoked over beech wood for traditional home recipe precious spices brought mild, you will be offended by the ausgesprochenmit mild flavor and spoil the delicate aroma.

Note :
To ensure that you receive the goods as soon as possible and fresh, we ship your product exclusively with styrofoam boxes and with cooling elements.

Your gourmet - and durable goods is vacuum packed in a refrigerated storage of 2-7 ° C and unopened 2 weeks. If the package is opened, the goods must be consumed immediately.

Our wild salmon delicacies are pure natural products without preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial colors.

Our Scottish salmon come only from well-conducted humanely and salmon farms.

  ist ein beliebter Online-Marktplatz für den anspruchsvollen Lachs Feinschmecker und natürlich auch für den Lachshändler.
In unserem Feinkost Onlineshop ganz einfach bestellen und bequem mit der Kreditkarte oder per Paypal bezahlen. Wir liefern immer eine vorzügliche Qualität zu besten Preisen.

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